//Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

arizer soloToday we are conducting a Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review.  This vaporizer is a new portable unit that just came out recently that is trying to fight for a spot at the top of the high end portable vaporizer market. When we heard of this unit our first thought was “seriously, how many more portable vaporizers are they going to come out with?” Turns out that this unit packs a good punch and doesn’t surprise us that this is quickly becoming one of the more popular portable units as more and more people buy arizer solo.

With a price tag in the $200′s, it is in the same price range as the reigning champion of portable vaporizers, the WISPR vaporizer, so how does it stack up? Like the WISPR, made by the well known Iolite, the Solo is also made by a respected company, Arizer.  Arizer brought you the Extreme Q Vaporizer, one of the best high end non portable vaporizers.  With this release, Arizer is clearly going after the Iolite and trying to get some market share, and the vaporizer reviews are reflecting this.

Lets break this unit down.  You get:
  • Arizer Solo Vaporizer   Diameter 1.75″ Height  4.5″
  • A/C Wall Charger
  • Dish for Potpourri
  • Manual
  • Two glass diffusing tubes

The construction of this vaporizer is legit.  The unit is built in Canada along with all the other Arizer products. The heater is very high quality and the battery charge for us lasted 3 hours of multiple uses which is pretty impressive. The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is purely meant for portable applications.  The charger that comes with the unit is such that you can not use the vaporizer while it is charging.  Something to keep in mind.

The heatup time is decent, at about 1.5 minutes to get to level 6.  We found the heat retention on this unit to be very good.  As with almost all vaporizers, this one is very efficient.  You will not waste any product while vaporizing.

This unit particularly has been getting some hype over how well it handles concentrates, waxes, and resins.  We found this to be true as well.  It is very easy to clean which of course comes along with the territory when using concentrates.

While the unit is not digital, it uses LED lights to indicate what temperature range the unit is currently in, and you use these same lights to select what temp you want.  We found it to be accurate, and we don’t miss the lack of digital display at all.

The quality of vapor and quality of taste in this unit is one of the aspects that impressed us the most.  The quality produced absolutely makes it a contender in the high end portable market.

That being said, one of our biggest problems with the unit is the fact that there are two parts to this unit, and one of them is glass.   When you are dealing with a portable unit, you want just that- portability.  Having 2 parts to keep track of is bad enough, but having one of them be made of glass is very disappointing.  However, it should be noted that in general, glass on glass vaporizing is the highest quality and most efficient form of vaporizing.  I don’t want people interpreting the glass stem as decreasing the quality of the unit; in fact it is quite the opposite.   I’m simply saying that when it comes to portability, it is something to keep in mind.

This is where the WISPR shines, because it is one part.  It is also thinner than the solo and fits better and more naturally in your pocket. All the vaporizer reviews tend to agree that the WISPR has the edge.

This is a tough review to rate because we are really keeping in mind the WISPR rating.  In terms of vapor quality, both are the best compared to the rest of the competition.  But when you are dealing with a portable vaporizer, it is more than just the quality that matters.

One big plus of the Arizer, as brought to my attention by a fellow vaporizer enthusiast, is that the Arizer Solo works in very high altitudes.  If you live in the mountains, or are a hiker or skier, the iolite models will have issues igniting because of how thin the air is.  In this case, the Arizer is going to be your best choice for you extreme sports people.

In the end, this particular case is similar to trying to compare a BMW 335 to a Mercedes C350.  Both are very similar in cost and performance, but each person will have a different opinion on which is better.   For us, the WISPR beats this unit out because of the fact that the Arizer is bigger and has the very annoying glass part that must be carried along.  Vaporizers that are designed to be portable really need to be in one piece if at all possible. Especially when we are NOT dealing with cheap vaporizers.

Be aware if you see this unit somewhere else on the internet for over $100 less, refer to the old saying “too good to be true”.  Often they are china knockoffs, or if they are real, they are old batches that had defects.  Most vaporizer manufacturers will only accept a warranty claim if you bought from an authorized seller.  Otherwise, if you buy a new unit and there is a problem, you might be out of luck.

In the case of the Arizer solo, you only want a unit with a batch number that starts with M105 or higher.

I own and use the Arizer solo on an almost daily basis, as I am an avid hiker and I go way up into the mountains frequently and overall I love the unit.

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  1. Muffinman July 20, 2018 at 3:12 am - Reply

    I haven’t purchased the Solo or the Wispr, but I am looking into these two devices.
    It seems there’s disadvantages to the Wispr not mentioned here…

    – It’s a lot louder when heating up (hissing sound, hasn’t improved from the original Iolite).
    – It only lasts for a maximum of 3 hours (some reviews only manage 1.5 to 2 hours)
    – It needs to be refilled with butane in stead of charged (hassle of buying butane).
    – All though the silicone tube is more sturdy and remains attached, taste wise it’s inferior to glass
    – The temperature can’t be set to your liking (a feature the Solo does include).

  2. Richard July 20, 2018 at 3:12 am - Reply

    Ive got both Wispr and Solo, Solo wins hands down. The design of the Wispr is an engineers compromise. Ive made alterations for pence and removed the expensive additional heat spreader (a fidly easily lost piece in the wild) in the process. Wispr looks like and sounds like a two way radio and its your choice when out to be either a plain clothed park ranger or policeman. The plastic body of my Wispr has susstained damage and fallen apart in use. The Solo does have its drawbacks. Ive had to adapt a brush to clean the glassware and provide a box to house the clean glassware ready for use. The adjustable heat range of the Solo allows quality and quantity of vapour to be chosen during use. Full heat leaves nothing worth having in the residue.

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